8th August Night of the Arts: Pop Up & Outlet event. 11am – 9 pm. Welcome!

Sunday Shopping

When you see the Sunday Shopping sticker, you know the store is open on Sundays. Sundays are perfect shopping days. Then you have time to meet your friends at a cafeteria and walk around in stores to discover new favorite garments. We have made a list for you of all the stores that are open […]

Upcoming events

Upcoming events in Rewell Center: 3-17th July Ylistaron Halpa-Aitta/Fiini Fröökynä Pop Up 8th August Night of the Arts Pop Up & Outlet event 17th August Back To School  

Promotional space

It is possible to rent promotional space in Rewell Center. Rent is 60 €/day (incl. VAT). For non-profit organisations the rent is 40€/day (incl. VAT). The promotional space can be rented through ONLINE For long-time rentals or renting of stage / square and for any queries, please contact Hannele Kyrönlahti, Marketing Manager, tel. 050 369 4456, […]

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